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Age Long Secrets Of Freelance Virtual Assistant

With the freelance virtual assistant market Worth over a 10 billion dollars, shows that more companies are seeking remote employees who are flexible, do a variety of tasks, and can work with unlimited commitment from anywhere in the world.

Freelance virtual assistant are never going extinct and this why:

  1. They help business owners and companies handle boilerplate and mind- numbing  tasks such as data entry, IT outsourcing, bookkeeping and accounting, coding and programming, website development and maintenance, customer service, email correspondence and marketing, research and so on. If they can find people to take on these tasks then they will always keep hiring.
  2. They are well equipped with specific technical, creative skillset ,tools, and knowledge required for the smooth operation and productivity of businesses.
  3. Engaging the services of the freelance virtual assistant saves hours of time and in essence increases the productivity of business. Doing certain tasks can be such real time killers for businesses with little staff strength.
  4. Business owners love the flexibility that working with freelance virtual assistants brings,because their businesses can have 24 hours operations online and not be working all day.
  5. With freelance virtual assistants, business owners do not need to go looking for more full time employees whenever there is an unplanned hiatus or increased workload. They can easily get the work done on time, without bloating their expenses unnecessarily.

freelance virtual assistant

Top secrets of successful freelance virtual assistant

  • Identify your target audience ( business owners and entrepreneurs) that may need your services and how to effectively reach out to them.
  • Identify the type of virtual assistant you want to specialize, the types include:
  1. Research analyst
  2. Bookkeeping assistant
  3. Social media freelancer
  4. Administrative assistant.
  • Get acquainted with every work process of Companies you’re going to be working for. This way you are able to work with them better.
  • Ensure proper time management and organization. You can do this by creating a list of tasks to do, prioritize and make a timeline of activities . In addition, discuss time zone concerns with clients before commencing work.
  • Have good communication skills. Be fluent in English or better still bilingual. This can help you sort out clients of different nationalities.
  • Take as many clients as you can handle per time. This is very important.


The fact that freelance virtual assistants are able to streamline both technical and administrative operations for business owners at a little cost makes everything more interesting.

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