apple wireless charger NZ

Tips for Using apple wireless charger NZ

 Are you looking for apple wireless charger NZ? The idea of wireless charging has been in motion since the late 19th Century but with limited application. However, the advancement in the technological sectors has enabled tech giants, including Apple, to introduce apple wireless charger NZ for their apple iPhones.

This initiative was made possible because electricity can be transmitted through the air via magnetic fields.

Using an apple wireless charger

The iPhone handset that was created after 2017 is Qi Wireless charger compatible. They can easily work with the aircharge range, and all you have to do is place your apple phone on the wireless charger. Other guilders you need to consider when using apple wireless charger NZ are listed below.

Remove objects between the phone and the charger

It’s important to know that wireless charging uses magnetic induction, and you shouldn’t place any obstacle between your apple wireless charger NZ and the phone. Magnetic cases, magnetic mounts or another object placed between the car and the wireless charge will compromise its performance and damage RFID chips or magnetic strips.

Therefore, remove passports and key fobs: security badges or credit cards in your case before starting charging. Suppose your phone is charging slowly or not charging at all, then your iPhone might have a thick case, battery case, or metal case. Please remove the case and see if it’s improved.

Disable vibration/activate do not disturb

If your iPhone gets a notification and it vibrates, there is a possibility that the position of your phone might change. It’s possible that your charging mat may not provide power to your apple phone again. If you encounter this most of the time, it’s advisable to activate Do Not Disturb or turn off vibration.

apple wireless charger NZ

Charge in cool environment

There may be some faint noise from your charging mat during the charging process. It’s normal and not a sign of malfunctioning. The phone temperature may also increase during charging. However, your phone’s software will stop charging beyond 80% when the phone temperature increases. This ensures the lifespan of your battery is increased. But when the temperature cools, the wireless charging will continue. So, it’s recommended to move your phone to a cooler place.

Disconnect from USB before charging

Wireless charging will not work on your apple phone when connected to a USB. A phone connected to a PC via the USB or connected using a USB power Adaptor will only charge via the USB rather than the wireless charger.


Apple wireless charger NZ makes it easy to charge your phone without bothering yourself with USB cables and power adaptors. Furthermore, it’s very convenient to use this form of charging as many apple chargers NZ may be expensive and, at times, hectic to come by.

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