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Buy Flammable Storage Cabinet For Enhanced Safe In Your Facility

If you’re handling or storing flammable liquids in your facility, you probably understand well how dangerous they can be. Many industrial fires are caused by not storing or handling flammable chemicals properly. Luckily, you can buy flammable storage cabinet to help improve the safety of your facility.

While on the market for one of these cabinets, you’ll need to choose the right one for your needs. There are many safety cabinets on the market and you need to know how to find the most appropriate for you.

How to Buy Flammable Storage Cabinet


Construction Material

Generally, these flammable storage cabinets are made with either polyethylene or steel. Mostly, steel cabinets tend to be the better option. But, if you’ll be storing aggressive pesticides or acids, you may need to choose a polyethylene cabinet. Note that you can’t store everything in a self-storage facility.

Some items like aerosols are prohibited to be stored in normal storage facilities due to the number of dangers they pose. So, if you also keep aerosols in your facility, then the best option is to go for aerosol cages to keep your facility safe from potential explosions.

Ideal Size


You must also decide how small or big your cabinet should be. If you’re keeping just a few chemicals in small quantities, there are small cabinets designed to hold 2 gallons at most. You may not need to spend a lot of money on the large unnecessary cabinet. However, if your first needs larger cabinets, then you can opt for those designed to accommodate up to 120 gallons.

buy flammable storage cabinet

Safety Storage Cabinets Types


There are basic flammable liquid storage cabinets that come in a variety of models and sizes. They include tower, regular floor, stackable, under the counter, or wall mount models. There are also special cabinets for ink and paint and yet others for corrosive chemicals and acids. Others are designed to store pesticides. The ones for corrosive chemicals and acids and pesticides are made of polyethylene.

But, if you’ll be storing a variety of flammable liquids, you also must choose cabinets that are spacious enough to accommodate all the entire drums.

Important features


There are some important features you need to check such as adjustable shelves. That’s because the size of your containers may vary over time and you wouldn’t want to purchase new cabinets every now and then.



It’s important to buy flammable storage cabinet if you’re handling highly flammable liquids. But, in addition to the above-mentioned features, you must ensure that your cabinets are corrosion-resistant. They also need to have enough sump capacity to prevent leaking and other issues. You must also be able to see the approval seal indicating that they meet the industrial specifications. Visit our website for more information.

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